Hi there!

Welcome to my site! I’m Shweta, a blogger residing in Bangalore. Here’s a little bit about me:

Psychologist by day.
Poet by twilight.
Asleep by midnight.

I’ve been many things in her short life – software professional, teacher, writer, counsellor, theatre artist and poet. I prefer to be a Jill of some trades and a Mistress of some. Above all, I believe in doing everything out of love.

Poetry found me when I was an awkward, unsocial teenager and has come and gone since then like waves at the beach of the coastal town my ancestors come from. I’m a Bangalorean, and much like the traffic here, poetry has sometimes forced me to slow down, cultivate patience and just go with the flow.

I write in traffic, on flights and just after baths. I write on diverse topics, but all my poems are rooted in personal experiences or observations. Being a psychological counsellor, I am a firm believer in the awesomely therapeutic and life-changing value of writing and listening to poetry.

Do watch this space, I’ll be adding more of my work here shortly. In the meanwhile, you can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and YourQuote, or shoot me an e-mail.