break in break out
if you shout out
they will call out
your mouth your mouth
break in break out
i know you’re right
your rights your rights
they know what’s right
what’s wrong in here
is wrong all through
what’s been what’s been
your ruse your ruse
what’s wrong in here
or any where
i have no rights
no right to write
write out the pain
dissolve the rain
maintain maintain
a status quo
i know i know
we’ll never change
we’ll only age
we’re all in cages
ages mate
we’re all survivors
places races
faces they
will come for us
too they will play
their games their games
so run for life
run for your wife
your children they
won’t see you since
you ran away
break in break out
plead to get in
get out of there
where angels slay
and devils pray
but what of here
where it’s the same
it’s all the same
and we the world
weep at your fate
break in break out
too soon too late

-Shweta Bhat

4 thoughts on “asylum

  1. This is quite brilliant! May I suggest adding an audio performance along with this, please? Would really bring this to life for all, methinks.


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