I won’t lie;
Those were simpler times.
I was once just
Here or there
This or that
Right or left
Fluidity hadn’t yet dissolved me.

I won’t lie;
I miss my monochrome life
At times I try to convince myself
The way I give
Seamless logical presentations
Replete with pie charts and PPTs
I try to reason out the emotions
All in vain.

I won’t lie;
I’m having some trouble
Grieving the binary
It was taught to be my God
But if God is in the details
The details are in the spectrum.

I won’t lie;
I cannot undo what I’ve done
I see dichotomies where
People swear that none exist
Polarities are just
Two ends of a ring
White and black
Are only two states
of Schrödinger’s cat.

I won’t lie;
Life is ground glass
My feet bleeds
Trying to toe the line
Life is also autumn hues
Impressionist landscapes
And once-in-a-lifetime sunsets.

I won’t lie;
I won’t go back.

©Shweta Bhat

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