Prompt by Airplane Poetry Movement:
Write a poem that begins and ends with the words, “I will dance.”

I will dance on your grave
I will rip open all my wounds
The very ones you gifted me
And let the blood flow through
The soil to you
I will let a part of me rest
On your lifeless face
I will dance.

I will dance when no one
Is looking, I will sing out
Ke$ha’s song, I will hope
That you’re somewhere praying
In heaven or hell or purgatory
I don’t care, you’re out of here
I don’t care
I will dance.

I will dance for I am free
I was free then too
You might say, I always had
A choice, you might say.
I will drown my head
And your voices in wine
Like I did so many times
Now, one last time
I will dance.

I will dance
I will touch
All the parts
Of me
That you did
That you did not
That you never ever could
Till I am whole
I will dance.

Ke$ha’s song refers to this one.

©Shweta Bhat

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